Sunday, 8 April 2012

5th April Dakar

Reluctant to leave our beach-side camp, we arrived in Dakar after 5 hours, most of which were limping along heavy traffic as we approached the outskirts of the city. Our 1st port of call literally was at the docks to validate our vehicle registration for the country. In fact this was the main focus for coming to Dakar. We then headed directly for the British Embassy where, through Afrikids links, we had liaised with the British Ambassador to arrange for storage of the vehicles if we failed to progress any further - the unrest in Mali still dominated our news searches.

We made home for the next 2 nights in a commune-based site 'Oceannis'. We pitched tent on a concrete floor between sheets of washing. However it was within earshot of the sea we feasted on freshly caught fish grilled and served up with a Sengalese sauce and fresh baguette.

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