Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Progress through Africa

29th - Thursday (Marrakesh)
Leaving early we had an uneventful drive, gradually entering more desert-like landscape. We camped wild in a 'Parc National' with a donkey as our 'guard'.
30th - Friday (Khenifisi National Parc)
Setting off at 8:30 we entered W. Sahara and within the hour received our 1st of 2 speed fines. The Gendarme were placed in the middle of nowhere!
The day's travel was long, therefore relief set in when we found our destination camp site outside Dakhla, a relatively large and strong Muslim town set on a long peninsula flanked by deep blue water on either side. The main challenge was coping with strong winds as we pitched our tents. Cooking supper on our sole gaz ring we finished the last dregs of wine from a wine box that I had bought in Bordeaux last summer. This was probably for the best since Mauritania has zero tolerance to alcohol.

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