Thursday, 5 April 2012

Auberge at Noakchott

3rd April - Tuesday
We arrived the previous afternoon at the capital city of Mauritania, an eclectic mixture of architecture and a wide spectrum of poverty/wealth. After a refreshing night's sleep (much needed) we set off at 7:30hr to get through the next border crossing. each one seems to present its own challenges. En route through a lovely national park where we saw wart hog, camel, herons and monkeys.

At the Senegalese border we came across our first (of many) experiences of the need for bribes. Eventually we got through and travelled 50 km to St Louis, a colourful and vibrant fishing port. Pitching tent we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Altantic, a stone's throw away from our tents and our first beer in 4 days.

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